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Our company is capable of carrying out the most difficult satellite installations.

Three different groups of technicians equipped  with the latest instruments and experience 

are able of installing any kind of satellite dish , starting from small fixed dishes to three meters moving .

The minimum number of satellites that we can provide in a moving system is  " 20 "  , and the 

signal quality is always the maximum for all of them .

Our  work is , like our products , guaranteed not for the minimum of one year  , but for two .

Central installations are the same . It doesn't matter if there are two satellite receivers , or a hotel with 

200 rooms . Everybody will have a clear picture .

Special requests need special solutions  . Like two receivers in a house with 10 rooms , and all 

the televisions watching satellite programs . It can be done with special equipment and we can also 

provide the ability to change programs from every room with extra or the same remote control .

Solutions for every problem .

Call us at +30210 5778538  and let us guide you to world of digital satellite television. 



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