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1.20 moving dish in a balkony with two lnb's. 2.4 parabolic dish in Mikonos with Mr. Herbert Platzer , dezised co-worker. 1.60 moving dish in Mikonos Another 1.2 moving dish in a balcony Two quad lnb's for astra - hot bird and four diseq-c for four receivers in Handarex Hellas
1.2 moving dish & terrestrial antenas Example of base installation in a tile roof TWO QUATRO LNB'S 1.2 fixed dish in a wall base , two lnb's
1 meter Zendher dish ,with Kathrein UHF antenna. 1 meter nokia dish with two quad lnb's. Central amplifier in Delfoi Panorama Hotel 2.4 fixed dish  with Astra & Hot bird lnb's , at the german embassy Central mutiswitch 9x8 at the german embassy
Two fixed 1.2 dishes , three lnb's c -ku lnb in one dish 1.8 parabolic chanel master 2.4 dish - three lnb c-ku band lnb's in one dish
Typical instalation of Epak tv Testing Epak-tv Older 45cm dish and the electronic module Orbiscan installation
Epak-tv satellite dish photo





CATV 9X12 PLUS TERESTRIAL 1.2 moving dish in a ciment ground base three meters dish in a spesial base 1.2 moving dish in a wall Typical central distribusion system another central distribusion system Mission impossible C.A.T.V.



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