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In this page we will try to describe the different options that a 

possible customer has.


1. One fixed satellite dish (80cm) aiming at hot bird.

The cheapest solution giving you around 500 free satellite programs from all over the world plus a variety of digital packages . Among them is Nova ,the Greek package.

2. A fixed satellite dish  for Astra and Hot Bird.

Dual reception of both satellites is the best solution , giving you about 800 free satellite programs plus a huge number of pay tv . The size of the dish we suggest is 1.2 meters , although 1m is just enough for north and central Greece.          

3. Moving satellite system .

It is what every satellite enthusiastic needs. It is not only watching television , it's a hobby. With more than 20 satellites ( depending of the area of the dish) the only thing that you need is a lot of free time and a receiver with a lot of memory.                    

Dish size : at least 1.2 meters , but the bigger , the better is something which you understand when you start to know the system. 

4. Multiple lnb's and dishes for specific satellites.

In this case you choose the satellites that you wish , for example Astra , Hot Bird , Arabsat and Nilesat and we install three dishes with four lnb's , to one receiver. Ideal for fast zapping.

We also suggest in this case the satellite dish Wave Frontier which can accept up to 8 Lnb's with two 1:4 DiSeq-c switches .

5. Central  community system .

Necessary if there are more than one receivers in the same building with one satellite dish. It usually concerns Astra and Hot Bird and every owner of a receiver watches the program that he likes without disturbing somebody else .


6. Fixed satellite dish for the package sky digital .

The Perfect solution for quality and quantity .The only English talking package.



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