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Would you like to watch sky and you cannot install a satellite dish ?

Would you like to watch your skybox from anywhere in the world because you are moving a lot ?

Would you like to watch BBC-ITV and you cannot install a huge dish ?

All these are possible now .All you need is an  internet connection and the sling player app.

Through this program you can watch your favorite programs from a sky box which is dedicated to you only , from anywhere in the world once you connect your pc or laptop. Moreover you can remotely control your box as if you had the remote control in your hand .

Demo video : download

Frequently asked Questions for sling player :

What is Sling player for sky ?

Sling Player is a way to watch and remotely control your sky box that is located somewhere in uk, through the internet . As a result you can watch all the programs that you want ( bbc and itv included ) .

Who can watch it ? Is it legal ?

Only the subscriber , because only he , possesses the log in details and thats exactly why it is legal. Sharing is out of the question. If a second person tries to connect, then the initial logged-in person is automatically disconnected.

Where can i watch it ?

You can watch it on your pc, laptop, tablet, smart phone and directly to your television without the need of a pc, through a dedicated media player. Note that viewing on an iPad iPhone or android device, an application is required that costs approximately 13.

What is the minimum speed required ?

The minimum speed for downloading is 500 kbps for Standard Quality (SQ) or 1200 Kbps for High Quality (HQ) . We recommend 2000 Kbps .

Can i watch it through my 3g-4g network ?

Of course. 500 kbps Standard Quality (SQ) or 800 Kbps for High Quality (HQ). But be careful to your provider's charges.

Can i connect one slingbox to multiple tv's ?

Yes . There are many different ways to do that . Call us to discuss your options .

How reliable is it ? Does it disconnect often ?

Our sling boxes are connected to a 100 Mbps fiber optics line in UK. There are never interruptions, but you also depend on your line. Therefore, sometimes you might need to decrease-lower the picture quality in order to keep on watching. Keep in mind that viewing on a pc is always more reliable than a media player.

Can i watch my slingplayer from another country ?

You can watch it from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

How much does it cost ?

Initial connection  150 + 50 fee to our company SAT WORLD for handling, service and support.
Entertainment Pack 45 /month
Movie Pack 55 /month
Sports Pack 65 /month
Full pack 85 /month ( or 95 for an Irish viewing card ) [ includes HD Channels ]
Extra options  
Bt / spn 20 initial fee +  20 /month
Hd Booster 5 /month ( Streaming resolution 1920 x 544 instead of 640 x 480  )
Premiersport 180 / year

Will i have support ?

Our technical-support team is always ready to deal with and fulfill your requirements 24/7.

Will i be able to record ?

Yes . You will also have access to the satellite receiver's hard disc.

What are the disadvantages compared to the satellite reception ?

The picture quality is not flawless as an HD satellite receiver, but its the best live streaming in the market. Note that there is a delay in the remote control commands of about 2 seconds, while this delay can reach up to 10 seconds when using a media player depending on your upload speed.

What are the advantages compared to the satellite reception ?

First and foremost you do not need any satellite dish and/or cables, plus you can watch all of SKYs channels, not only the one's that the footprint of the satellite is restringing you to. And finally, you can watch your favorite programs from anywhere in the whole world you have access to the internet.

What is the Stream resolution when using a media player directly to the tv ?

1920 x 544 in high quality , 640 x 480 in better , 640 x 240 in good and 320 x 240 in basic. 

Can i watch a free demo ?

Just send us an email and well be happy to send you a free demo.

I live in another country . Can i order from you ?

Sling box does not have boundaries and borders. If you want to experience the best European satellite package, we can supply and support it regardless of which continent you are located in.

When can i ask to be turned off ?

Anytime . Just give us one month notice .

Can i ask a temporary turn off ?

No i am sorry . If you don't need it for a few months for example and ask to be turn on again , then the initial fee off 100 + 50 applies again.

Who is going to charge my credit card ?

Your credit card is going to be charged monthly from the company in UK that supports the slingboxes .

How can i order it ? 

Send us an e mail to the sky@satworld.gr mentioning your desired package and extra options . Payment can be done only by credit card visa or master .Send us your credit card details and you will be charged monthly from our super duper ultra wow safe and secure payment system. You will have your log-in details in maximum 48hrs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone for any further information you may require  at +30 2105778538.

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How to control your slingbox through a pc  :



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